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20162016 Finalists

Amy Campbell

I am an emerging artist from Canberra, currently completing my honours year of painting at the Australian National University School of Art.

Artwork title

Information Anxiety

Artwork medium

Mixed media collage

Artwork dimensions

170 x 113 x 15 cm

Artist Statement

Information Anxiety is an exploration of the boundaries between paint and printed imagery, and the ways in which the two can combine in collage works. My process involves making paintings of aerial landscapes sourced from Google Earth, photographing these works, distorting them with glitches, printing them, and then collaging them into new works which I paint back into. What emerges from this is a cycle of image reproduction whereby previous works inform new ones. This process of abstracting imagery through reiterations is reflective of the way that information on the web and in the media spreads and multiplies, distorting its meaning. The sculptural nature of the support suggests that the painting is in a state of flux, and the work emits a sense of instability and uncertainty which is characteristic of our information-saturated lives. By crossing the boundaries of traditional rectangular format canvases, I challenge the conventions of painting, and ask the viewer to consider the work as an object which asserts a material presence in the space it occupies.