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20162016 Finalists

Tom Farrell

I am an ANU Graduate with an honours degree in painting, I have been in a couple of exhibitions sporadically since graduating, as i still feel i am finding my feet as a painter, In December i will be having a solo show at CCAS Manuka.

Artwork title


Artwork medium

Acrylic on board

Artwork dimensions

80 x 100cm

Artist Statement

This is a portrait of a friend of mine, who i got to know through my picture framing job, his name is kel and he has been coming into the store for years to help out around the shop and is basically just a legend that i have wanted to paint for a while. The concept of the work had nothing to do with kel originally, I wanted the work to feature a really high horizon line, which is why the composition is so unusual i have always liked images with heavy dark areas and bright glowing casts of light so that progressed naturally. I had taken some photos of kel casually and in one particular photo he was in a window of light that was very interesting, he was outdoors but looked like he was inside, contemplating the sunshine, The work is made up of a number of images, I employ a collage method, use reference material from a number of sources to give an impression of reality.

Inner North Story

I am an ANU school of Art graduate that studied painting a couple of years ago, i have a studio at my house in lyneham and i am currently working on a show at CCAS Manuka for early December this year. I am a figurative painter who is currently exploring 'Re directed Narrative'– in an attempt to produce an authentic image.