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20162016 Finalists

Blaide Lallemand

Blaide Lallemand takes an interdisciplinary approach to making works of art, fusing her interest of sculptural practices with a range of ephemeral practices including performance, new media and site-specific installation. Blaide is interested in immersing the audience into the artwork, enabling them to have a visceral experience and choice to actively participate with the realization and evolution of the artwork. Blaide studied acting at the University of Western Sydney before graduating from the ANU School of Art with first class Honours in 2003. She is interested in exploring cycles in nature, rhythms of the body and aspects of intimate social and physical relationships between people and their complex means of communication. Her spatial-temporal works incorporate the senses of sight, hearing and touch to encourage intimate engagement with the work and other participants in the exhibition space. Blaide has participated in group shows internationally and nationally and recent exhibitions include the 2016 Blake Prize, Pattern of Now exhibition at Nishi Gallery, and the 6th International Video art Festival in Cuba.

Artwork Title

Engagement+Revolution:interactive painting 365 circles

Artwork Medium

acrylic paint on 0.8sheet gal, mdf, magnets, wood, glue.

Artwork Dimensions

120 x 120cm

Artwork Price


Artist Statement

Engagements + Revolutions: 365 circles is an interactive painting. The viewer is invited to pick up the magnetic painted circles and compose their own picture. They can choose to add, subtract, layer and arrange the 365 pieces, each circle represents one day of the year. The evolving nature of the work is documented by the audience and uploaded onto the artworks Instagram page #blaide365. The invitation to engage with the evolution of the work is symbolic of the process to explore relationships between the work and others in the space. The interactive painting may be seen as an analogy for our ever changing social structures, our sense of community and our relationship with the environment. I am interested in developing a relationship with the audience that releases me from owning a single artistic outcome. Allowing the audience to choose and record their own outcomes establishes a dynamic relationship between the artist, work of art and audience. This idea is very exciting because it works across multiple levels of art making and the ways in which audiences comprehend, relate to and engage with art.

Inner North Story

Over twenty years of fond memories, from living in Lyneham, Reid and Ainslie. The inner north is a peaceful, playful, gentle and cosmopolitan place to live. When shopping at the local IGA I'm always bumping into friends and having import conversations. I also love walking up Mount Ainslie. Having access to the bush and fantastic high quality shops I get to experience the best of both worlds.