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Need some more inspiration for your entry? Here’s a quick prompt about this year’s theme for the prize.


What tempts you back to familiar places and spaces? Is it it the landscape, or the built environment, or the people that occupy them? Perhaps there’s more to the story that meets the eye – is there a smell, a sound or another unseen force that pulls you back in to where you once were? And what is important about our local in an era of globalism, where communities are no longer bound by geographical measurements – has that had an impact on our real-world connections to people and place?

Art often serves as a tool to visualise what we can’t define by observing our surroundings, can transport us to a time and place we haven’t experienced before, and can enlighten us with new perspectives on things that we may have already settled on. How would you bring the lure of your local to life, and what would you like it to say about our sense of place in the world?

Feeling inspired? Entries are open! Submit your work to the prize below!