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20162016 Finalists

Henrietta Farrelly-Barnett

After some lost years as a commercial lawyer, Henrietta moved from Sydney to Canberra to study ceramics at the ANU. Her practice spans playing with clay, messing around with paint and drawing obsessively on everything from ball gowns to cow skulls.

Artwork title

Beneath the black

Artwork medium

Pen on bone

Artwork dimensions

60cm x 30cm x 80cm

Artwork price


Artist statement

I've always been fascinated by skulls; what they say about the past but also as critical structures for life. Beneath the Black is a work that grew out of this interest and out of a desire to disrupt traditional decorative motifs (drawing heavily on the Delft tradition of blue and white ware) and juxtapose them on a form commonly derided as unappealing and unclean. I believe part of this derision stems from the eternal human discomfort with death and all that symbolises it and I aim to create beautiful works that intrigue and compel the viewer despite this impulse.

Inner North Story

I've only just moved down to Canberra after over two decades living in Sydney so its been a bit of a shock... mostly in how much I've really enjoyed it (even with the cold!) and how comfortable and welcoming Canberra is. I love the academe-hippy vibe in the inner north and hope to move over the bridge early in the new year!