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20162016 Finalists

Paul Summerfield

I am a digital artist working primarily with print media, but have explored other digital realms as well. My artwork can be seen on cars, hospital walls, album covers, disposable coffee cups, pasteup murals, event posters, exhibitions and lots of private collections. I am currently a studio resident at Gorman Arts Centre and working towards my 6th Solo Exhibition. I live with my partner Lara, daughter Sumi and our very recent son Kaiyou in the leafy suburb of Downer.

Artwork Title

Kaiyou's Garden

Artwork Medium

Digital print, archival inks on Musio Max 100% Cotton Rag. Limited edition 10, framed.

Artwork size

50 x 100cm

Artwork price

$840 (framed), $590 unframed

Artist Statement

My artwork for this prize is about the birth of our son Kaiyou over 3 weeks ago. From inside Lara's womb, a cozy sleepy dark place to then crossing a boundary like no other, into this bright world full of senses. I worked on this artwork in the weeks leading up to the labor and over the past several weeks since he was born. I wanted to create a safe place, a womb, a garden and an atoll of dreams for Kaiyou.

Inner North Story

Since moving to Canberra in 2003 to study 3d animation, I've always lived in the inner north. I am currently working from a studio at the Gorman Arts Centre in Braddon. I live i Downer with my partner Lara, daughter Sumi and very recent son Kaiyou. One thing that really sticks with me about the inner north, is how leafy it is in the summer. Many streets are completely covered in shade and provide a beautiful cool place from the harsh summer sun amongst the fluttering shadows of light and dark.