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20162016 Finalists

Jenna Vincent

I am an emerging Australian printmaker, bookbinder and drawing artist with an enthusiasm for understanding our connection to the world. In particular I draw as a way to focus on perception and how we connect to a place through our physical presence within it. I'm interested in sensory experience and how overlooked, physical interactions form the basis of identity through their effect on our moods, thoughts and memories. I work to understand my experience of place through studying sensation. My practice reflects on home and the sublime within the ordinary. Over five years I have produced bodies of works that explore sensations of light and touch in my everyday life in Canberra, ACT, including screenprints, watercolour paintings and drawings. I experiment with technique and materials in order to capture subtle shifts of light, as well as undertaking performative works that use touch and drawing to mindfully explore place. I investigate materiality to form close connections to the bodily sensations I am translating – light drenched watercolours, hazy smoke drawings and scratched and pitted drawings of touch. The constant centre of my practice is this ambition to understand the complexity of the relationship between ourselves and the world that forms us.

Artwork Title


Artwork medium

Candle smoke on Arches watercolour paper

Artwork dimensions

39 x 28cm

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Artist Statement

I love exploring the ambiguity of the boundaries between body and place. Our attachment and feeling of a place is created by the very immediate and physical experiences we have within it, something that is endlessly intriguing to me. In moving into a new house this year in Downer I have found myself immersed in a new joy of gardening. Growing cornflowers and snapdragons from the nothingness of seeds I've found joy in the connection of the tactility of my hands in soil, water and soft greenery. In nurturing these lovely green things there is this direct link between myself and my environment, the lines of my skin and the lines of their leaves. I'm wrapped up in the routines of my plants and I find myself suddenly part of the garden as well.

Inner North Story

I make a lot of work about home because I see drawing as a way of connecting to a place. Moving from far away northern NSW, drawing became a way to connect to this city I now love. I use art as a way to celebrate and focus in on those small bodily experiences of touch and light that define how I come to see and feel about a space.