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20162016 Finalists

Louis Jaccoud

Blue Mountains raised I had always loved art. Learning about it and creating it. My love for drawing and expressionism had always given me much pleasure and rewarded me very well. Inspired by street artists, skate culture and my close mentors I have always enjoyed creating art across many mediums using various tools and methods. In 2016 I was lucky enough to be featured in Art Express along with many other talented students. I am now studying Graphic Design at UC and enjoying making art and photography when I can.

Artwork Title

Reality is inextinguishable

Artwork medium

Painting, sculpture in the round

Artwork Dimensions

66cm x 62cm

Artwork Price


Artist Statement

The work engages with concepts of social injustice and false idols. In today's world we are told that the key to happiness is money and power. We are sucked into an ideology that to be great you must surround yourself with things that are expensive but have no real use. What you bought last year is now out of fashion and what you need now you cant afford. So you work harder and harder but the same thing happens the next year. So you become trapped in an endless cycle. We are kept sedated by prescription drugs and alcohol and told its OK to be depressed, it's how life is. But when you reject the ideals and cross the boundaries society confines you in, the world can become a harsher reality then before.

Inner North Story

I moved to Canberra at the start of the year from the Blue Mountain to attend UC. I chose Canberra not only because of the university but because it reminds me of home, being surrounded by mountains and nature. There's nothing I love more then being among nature.