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20162016 Finalists

Katy Mutton

Katy Mutton is an multidisciplinary visual artist working across drawing, painting, print and installation. Most recently Katy’s work has explored the manipulation of perception, propaganda and camouflage techniques. Since graduating in 2010 with a BA in Visual Art (ANU School of Art) she has exhibited regularly in the ACT and interstate, including seven solo exhibitions. Katy also has a BA in Environmental Design (UC, 2002) with her previous professional background as a designer significantly influencing her art. Katy's practice is heavily research based and she is interested particularly in the impact of political and military action on cultural identity. She frequently integrates symbols, camouflage principles and drafting techniques in her art work. Katy's work is held in a number of private collections and also by the Australian War Memorial.

Photo credit: Andrew Sikorsky

Artwork title

Dancing Deconstructs

Artwork medium

ink and acrylic drawing on kozo paper

Artwork dimensions

80 x 108 x 3.5 cm

Artwork price


Artist Statement

In the work, Dancing Deconstructs, drones (UAVs/unmanned aerial vehicles) are abstracted, stripped of detail and reduced to geometric portions. The forms ‘dance’ across an ambiguous topographical landscape immersed in it rather than floating above. Each is similar but unique, once tools in systematic militarised flight they are in the process of becoming autonomous. The work considers the new wave of UAV research, which drives future drone programs to cross the boundaries of automation. No longer instructed by direct operators they become program participants replicating biological life. They release digital pheromones and responding to each other first. They find their targets and call their fellow machines to undertake surveillance as a swarm, separating and uniting at will.