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20162016 Finalists

Jacob England

Jacob England is an emerging sculptor currently living and working in Canberra. His practice spans multiple media and medium including installation, sculpture, photography, performance and drawing. His work utilises simple materials, actions and forms to explore the connections people project onto the landscape they occupy. Through making, using simple sets of actions or rituals and intuition he attempts to communicate the divine.

Artwork title

Instruments 60 - 84, O'Connor Ridge

Artwork medium

Sticks, rocks, feathers, wool, string, leaves

Artwork dimensions

110 x 55cm

Artwork price

$850 set or $60 each

Artist Statement

Instruments have been made on site at O'Connor Ridge, while meditating on the question “can I intertwine my spirit or being into the landscape?” I gathered simple found materials and combined them to generate forms. I let my conscious mind wander, allowing my subconscious and intuition to take over. Through this process I cross between the rational world and the divine, unlocking the mythic potential inherent in both myself and the landscape.